VIPEX was born from a desperate cry of need for a stable & trustworthy platform for Sri Lankan Expats living around the world to take care of their loved ones in Sri Lanka. This requirement only exponentially grew during the start of the Pandemic in 2020. Sri Lankan expats were in a very desperate situation where they had to rely on various different unorthodox service providers that charged them higher rates for each and everything they needed to be done in Sri Lanka. This is when VIPEX came into the rescue and offered a very straightforward, Multi Service platform to take care of any needs that had to be resolved in Sri Lanka, from sending Groceries, Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Musical Instruments, Paying Utility Bills, Channelling a Doctor, managing a property & even arranging a Doctor Home visit.

VIPEX strives to always add even more services to cater our ever growing customer needs, and we are now proud to be more than a service provider, but also by VIPEX now being a trusted solutions provider we are bridging the long distance gap between families and loved ones…

Parent Company = Everything from America – USA (Operating since 2010)


  • VIPEX is a one-stop shop for services to take care of people living in Sri Lanka, Customers can be from anywhere in the world and they can send Groceries, Cakes, Flowers, Chocolates, Musical Instruments, to their families or friends living in Sri Lanka. Customers can also Pay any Sri Lankan Utility Bill, channel a Doctor, manage a property & even arrange a Doctor to home visit a patient. Since our Company was built on exceptional customer service we are proud to stand out from the rest in being the Number 1 Service provider for Sri Lankan Expats.


- Speciality -

  • Our Exceptional VIP service is provided exclusively for customers living outside of Sri Lanka